Character Creation

Character creation follows the standard creation rules in the Savage Worlds Deluxe Core rule book, except as follows.

We will create the “Player” and the “Avatar” separately. The Player is the person you play as who is playing Land of the Roguish. The Avatar is the Player’s in game persona he uses to interact with the game.

The Player gets 3 Skill Points to allocate to whichever Smarts skills they want. These skills are capped at d8. You can spend 2 Skill Points to Purchase a +1 bonus to any other non-Smarts Skill. These bonuses carry over to your Avatar. Taking Hindrances can get you Advances which can be spent on more Player Skill Points. You must follow the rules in the Core rulebook for taking Hindrances. You can only take Hindrances which effect your Player’s personality since physical Hindrances won’t effect the Avatar.

We create Avatar classes in Land of the Roguish by using a Funnel System. First you choose your Class. You can make any Class you want with GM permission. You may also choose from the list of Classes on this Wiki. Your Class will further determine what powers and abilities your character may have. Next you choose a Role. Your Role determines what kind of abilities you will be able to use. You are allowed to choose up to two Roles. Once your Role is chosen, you will choose your Arcane Background. Every Class has an Arcane Background, even those that do not have magic. The reason for this is every class has Special Abilities they can use. Every Class will start with their Arcane Background and a D4 for their Arcane Skill.

Once this has been finished, you continue making your character as normal. Avatars may not take Hindrances. Avatars receive one free Edge.

Character Creation

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